The Expedition will take place in the Norwegian High Arctic on the archipelago of Svalbard. 
Svalbard is home to the northermost settlement on Earth, Longyearbyen, and to 3000 or so polar bears! The archipelago is covered at 60% by glaciers, and is pretty mountainous with the highest peak reaching 1713 m.


Joining the dots

In Svalbard, there are no trails or paths as soon as you leave Longyearbyen. We let the Science we want to do dictate the route, while keeping in mind logistics and safety. 

We have decided that "joining the dots" between the different research stations scattered on the archipelago would be very useful. Such a transect has never been done on skis, which guarantees clean sampling, and the preservation of the environment.

Here is what the route will probably look like (there might me minor changes depending on the latest conditions in 2021 and on the science goals).

Click below to have access to slightly more detailed route:

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