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We are back!

Happy and healthy, after 32 days of collecting snow samples and pulling pulkas across Spitsbergen.

The Arctic we saw during the expedition was hard to recognize, and the weather conditions we faced were highly disturbing.

The significant lack of sea ice, the wild and unpredictable weather, the changes in the glaciers, the extreme avalanche risk affected us on a daily basis and are all the result of man-made climate change.

The Arctic as we know it is disappearing, but there is still time to act.

We can say for certain that this journey has been the confirmation for us to keep acting positively for the Arctic, for our climate; to continue working with and for the youth if we want our children and their children to keep benefiting from a cold and frozen Arctic.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, all our fantastic donors, all our followers, thank you for all your support.

A big thank you to the numerous helpers without whom this expedition would not have been possible.

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