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Collaboration with Svalbardi Iceberg Waters

We are so happy to collaborate with Svalbarði for our upcoming expedition:

for every Blue Ice Edition bottle sold, Svalbarði donates 5 euros to our project!

Svalbarði iceberg water is the world’s northernmost bottled water and was recognised by the Fine Water Society as the world’s best tasting super low mineral water.

The team from Svalbarði is not only helping us to make our project reality, supporting polar research and helping the fight against climate change, but they also offset the carbon footprint of every bottle of water!

The Blue Ice Edition is of particular significance for our team and for @DrHeidiGlaciers in particular, as the icebergs used by Svalbarði were gathered from Wahlenbergbreen, a glacier that Heidi has extensively studied over the past few years.


Support Svalbarði and support us! Here is more about the Blue Ice Edition:


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