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Meet the Team

Coming together from the four corners of the world, we're all driven by the same passion for Science and the polar regions. Click on our pictures and get to know the "climate sentinels"!

Anne ELina.jpg

Dr. Anne Elina Flink

Glacial Geologist - Polar Guide

"To me the Climate Sentinels project is a way of connecting with the public in order to raise awareness of the rapid climatic change that is currently taking place in the High Arctic."


Dr. Dorothée Vallot

Glaciologist - Engineer

"I want to inspire others and particularly women and scientists!"


Dr. Nina Adjanin

Researcher - Educator

Her expertise lies in educational technologies, instructional design, virtual reality and human-computer interaction.


Dr. Alia Khan

Cryosphere Biogeochemist

"I’m looking forward to all the data we collect from under-observed regions of Svalbard."

heidi2withoutrifle cropped.jpg

Dr. Heïdi Sevestre

Glaciologist - Science Comms.

"I see Climate Sentinels as the way to show the new face of polar research."

EDhp-YhXUAAi04b (1).jpg

Dr. Silje Smith-Johnsen

Glaciologist - Polar Guide

"I hope we can inspire more scientists to be more green and have the environmental impact in mind when planning their next scientific expedition."

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