January 6, 2019

Climate Sentinels was born from our common passion for Svalbard and for Science. 

We come from the four corners of the world, but we all have, at some point in our careers, spent some time in Svalbard. We've always wanted to have the freedom to create an innovative research project combining Exploration, Clean Science, and Outreach, and on top of it, led by an all-female team.

Our first skype meeting took place in 2017, the first of a long series. It is not easy to get everybody online at the same, the time differences are always in the way! 

But slowly and surely, this project was coming together. The first time we realised we were onto something pretty good was when the German Polar Institute invited us to present it in front of their researchers. We also contacted the french producton ArtCam which was immediately game to follow us in our adventures.

Today, the hardest part of the project is yet to come. We have to make it a reality which involves finding sponsors, and a lot of them. But we are more motivated that ever, and watch this space to follow our preparations!

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