Felicity Aston MBE, Patron of Climate Sentinels !

To say that Felicity has inspired us to launched ourselves into this crazy project is an understatement.

Felicity studied Meteorology and worked in Antarctica for a few years for BAS at the Rothera station as senior meteorologist. In 2012 she became the first person to ski alone across Antarctica using muscle power only and the first women to cross the Antarctic ice sheet alone. In April 2018 she led the first North Pole Expedition composed of women from western and Arabian countries.

She has broadened the horizon of what was possible for budding female explorers and scientists, and got awarded the Polar Medal in 2015!

There are many reasons to cheer for this expedition. There is integrity in the scientific investigation at the heart of the journey; in its efforts to be carbon neutral the expedition sets new standards of responsibility that others will follow; the route is an exciting one, inspiring others (including me) to daydream about the Arctic and take greater notice of the region; and finally, each member of the team is an ambitious and capable scientist and adventurer who also just happens to be a woman. This is 21st Century exploration done at its best.

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